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The trick with a modern kitchen is to create a space that’s completely uncluttered – offering
a hidden place for all those things you’d prefer
to be out of sight but you use every day. Free- owing and clean in feel, the Mackintosh Modern kitchen range offers that beautifully slick look.

Along with clever storage solutions (perfect for tucking things away), you get a streamlined and highly contemporary design that fits today’s idea of a sophisticated and polished home. 


The perennial Shaker kitchen offers a simple, understated style. Whilst the classic design creates a feeling of heritage, it’s neutral enough to let you make your own mark on your space.

Its founders, The Shakers of New England, believed everything in a house should have a function and that decoration was unnecessary. Instead, the emphasis was on practicality and durability. Which is something you can be certain of with a Mackintosh Shaker kitchen. 


A Traditional Mackintosh Kitchen celebrates everything this room should be – functional, characterful and classic. It offers the best of both worlds with modern features and time- honoured design.

Like its namesake, this range offers cutting- edge features and stunning detail. So if you’re looking for a master in colour and decoration, we’ve got it in abundance with so many styles and finishes to consider. 

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